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Our Mission

Our focus is to empower, educate and elevate Assistants through training, events and community. 

The industry is ever changing, with various different job titles, 73% of colleagues feel underutilised and with 87% feeling there is little or no opportunity for career progression, this is why our mission is so important.

Our focus is to equip Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Secretaries, Chief of Staff, Office Managers and Business Support professionals with training, development, networking, next level events and to become unstoppable!

Our members are called Loyal Royals for a reason.
They get treated as VIP and remain loyal to their journey of self-discovery.

They’ve unlocked their success, how about you?


"I joined and have not been disappointed! The energy is brilliant!"
The PA Way
"I have been a member since the start and it really is such a positive place!"
The PA Way
"The events and speakers are AMAZING! The support from everyone is brilliant!"
The PA Way
"I love being a LORO!

I have experienced adventures, and made friends for life!"
The PA Way
"I have noticed a huge increase in my confidence which was noticed by my employer too! The training is great - I love it!"
The PA Way
"I've been here since the start, I went on the Cyprus retreat and more! It helps me connect with other members too!"
The PA Way


We created The PA Way App, the first of its kind for the profession, where you will get immediate access to a global community of like-minded Loyal Royal members who will be your biggest fans!

The PA Way App is available on the go and on demand. Connect, learn and level up with our bespoke platform. It’s the community place for Assistants and Business Support professionals.


Through our team membership each person will have their own profile to access resources, training, events, professional networking and The PA Way App which is available globally. 

The PA Way

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The consistent assistant®

Consistently Levelling Up Professional Excellence

We believe levelling up is a state of mind and one that is consistent for results. We have created our course, The Consistent Assistant ®, for both personal and professional development, as we understand that in order to be at the top of your game, small actionable steps are required.


As a digital learning and community platform, The PA Way membership contributes towards your professional and personal development training.

We offer both individual and team membership.

Information for your employer:

The PA Way
Our employee memberships are annual where each person will have a profile created to access all areas for training and development
Organisations are able to pay up front for the year so that team members can fully unlock and access all member areas of The PA Way
Our membership sits under professional and personal development so the organisation is able to explore if this is tax deductible

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The PA Way are levelling up and will re-open doors on the 3rd October. See you soon!


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